The Family Court of Western Australia Website

Posted 20th October 2014 by Dirk Klicker

The website of the Family Court of Western Australia ( is good online resource to obtain free information about separation, family law and divorce.

In this blog I summarise the information provided on the website of the Family Court of Western Australia.

Starting at our website located at

Go to the Links page.

Then go to the link to the Family Court.

The website of the Family Court provides a large amount of information about family law and divorce.

The left column of the website, provides the general index.

I discuss each of the main categories.

First, go to “Online Information Session”.

On this page the Court provides a free information session.

Previously, it was compulsory for parties to attend an information session in person at the Family Court.

You can download the information sessions in PDF or Powerpoint.

There are information sessions about children and property.

I highly recommend the information sessions as an introduction to family law.

You can watch the video provided by the Court called “Consider the Children.”

The video highlights the effects of separation on children, and is highly recommended.

Then, go to “Resolving Your Dispute.”

On this page, the Court provides information about resolving your dispute without going to court.

The page provides a good summary of the non-court based services available to help parties, for example:

Finding a family dispute resolution practitioner. Contacting Legal Aid WA about alternative dispute resolution. Or How to find arbitrators.

You can download the “consent orders kit” and a “form 11 application for consent orders” and “other useful information” from this page.

Next, go to “Kits-Forms-Brochures”.

Click on “Kits”.

Here the Court provides a number of information kits: Consent Kits, Parenting Kits, Document Service Kits, Recovery Order Kits and so forth. I recommend that you browse these kits.

Under “Prescribed Forms”, the Court lists all the prescribed court forms.

Under “Non-Prescribed Forms”, the Court lists the forms that are not prescribed but are frequently used.

At “e-Services”, the Court provides information about the electronic filing of court documents, which is a topic of a future blog.

At the bottom of the page there are some forms that can be downloaded.

The electronic filing services are accessed by the Commonwealth Courts Portal. There is a link.

Next, click on “Fees”.

On this page the Court sets out various filing fees.

The page is updated regularly.

The Court also provides guidelines for applying for exemptions. Those forms can be accessed via this page.

Next click on “Court List”.

This page shows the daily list of the Court. You can check your listing here.

Next click on “Judgements”.

Click on “Selected Judgements”.

Here you are able to search various judgements of the Family Court.

This will be demonstrated in another Blog.

Under the heading legal resources, the Court provides information about, getting legal advice, and the self-represented litigants handbooks can be downloaded in relation to both children and property cases.

Then go to “Links”.

This page provides a list of authoritative Family Law websites that u can browse at your leisure.

Under “frequently asked questions”.

The Court answers questions that are regularly asked about the Court and its services.

If you have any other questions about how to locate information on the Court’s website, please telephone one of our friendly staff or e-mail me.