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Why choose Beacon Family Law as your family lawyers Perth?

We are Perth family lawyers providing expert family law, divorce and separation advice and representation.

We are well-established and highly regarded family lawyers Perth with expertise in family, matrimonial and divorce law.

We are a small boutique team of family lawyers. The principal and senior family lawyer of Beacon Family Law has 18 years experience in family law in Western Australia. We are experts in providing advice and court representation in family law matters.

Our family lawyers practice exclusively in family law. We specialise in assisting clients to avoid and resolve the problems that often arise after separation.

Read testimonials about our family lawyers from actual clients.

If you have separated, or are contemplating separating, then our team of family lawyers can help you.

If you want family lawyers that are attentive to your personal situation and needs. Meet our team of family lawyers Perth.

We act in all areas of family law including:

Can our team of Perth family lawyers help you?

Our team of Perth family lawyers have successfully represented a diverse range of clients including retirees, farmers, sales representatives, entrepreneurs, public trustee, business owners, directors, trade-persons, police officers, house wives, carers, athletes, investors, traders, nurses, doctors, dentists, accountants, lawyers, bankers, brokers and the list goes on.

We are located in the city of Perth, Western Australia, but have represented clients residing throughout Australia and overseas. We represent clients appearing in the Family Court of Western Australia in Perth and in the Country Circuits including Bunbury, Albany, Broome, Geraldton and Kalgoorlie. Beacon Family Law is able to represent clients appearing in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia in all capital cities of Australia.


Want to speak to experienced family lawyers Perth?

If you are not sure about your family law rights or not sure if you need to consult a Perth family lawyer, we recommend that you contact us.

If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact experienced family lawyers Perth for a brief free telephone introduction or book a reduced fee initial consultation.

There is usually enough time in the reduced fee initial consultation to assess your personal circumstances, provide you with advice about your property entitlements or about children and outline the steps and costs involved to resolve your case. There is certainly enough time for you to assess whether Beacon Family Law is the right team of Perth family lawyers for you.

We offer these introductory services so that you can meet and discuss your concerns with our experienced family lawyers. There is no obligation after your consultation if you are not completely satisfied that Beacon Family Law can help with your problem.


What is the mission at Beacon Family Law?

We provide an “Accountable, Affordable and Approachable” legal service with an emphasis on personal service.

We are and shall always be a small law firm because we find that this is the best way to provide personal service.

Just because we are small does not mean we cannot tackle big issues or cases. We have established a reputation for handling the more complex cases that arise from time to time.


How much do good Perth family lawyers cost?

In providing our services we are very costs conscious. In representing our clients we want to add value to the bottom line. There should be a return on your investment. Many legal issues arise upon separation and everybody going through a separation should be able to obtain legal representation without having to spend a small fortune on legal advice. As a small firm we keep our overheads down so that we can keep your costs down. We also offer fixed fee options. Call us today to speak to our experienced family lawyers Perth and find out your legal costs.

Why do you need experienced Perth family lawyers?

There is a vast amount of material available on the internet in relation to family law in Australia. Hours can be spent searching the internet to understand the practices and procedures of the family courts. All of the legislation that governs family law in Australia is freely available on the internet at a number of sources. The absence of information about family law is not the problem. The problem is understanding how family law applies to your case. Only experienced Perth family lawyers can give you that piece of mind.

For example in relation to children’s cases the legislation states that the paramount consideration is the best interests of the child. In a nutshell to determine was is in the best interests of the child the Family Courts must have regard to equal time, substantial and significant time and the primary and secondary considerations.  Reading the legislation will not provide the answer to the outcome of any particular case. The legislation does not say that a child shall have overnight visits or equal time. There are no model parenting plans provided. There are no examples provided. In some overseas jurisdictions model parenting plans have been adopted. These model parenting plans can be accessed on the internet, but they have not been accepted by the Family Court in Australia.

You can turn to the case law for answers. Many decisions of the family courts are reported on the internet. You can look for cases that reflect closely your circumstances. The problem is that there are no two cases that are the same. The family courts frequently comment that each case will turn on its own merits and facts. It can be completely misleading to rely exclusively on similar cases.

It is only therefore experienced Perth family lawyers that can provide the answer in any particular case. The experienced family lawyer has built up a vast knowledge of cases and actual experiences before judges of the Family Court of WA. They will be able to provide accurate advice about the particular outcome of cases after being provided with all of the facts of that case. The more experienced the family lawyer in their dealings with the Family Court of WA the more likely that their advice is going to be accurate.

There are multiple factors that the Family Court must consider.  Each of these factors will have different importance and weight in any particular case.  In one case a factor will have limited weight, and in another case it will be given overwhelming weight. Experience and knowledge are key to providing effective family law advice.

We understand that each client and their circumstances are different. There is no such thing as a single solution for every case.

Each case turns on its own facts and circumstances. Our advice and actions are tailored to suit each individual client.


Want more information about family law before you choose your Perth family lawyers?

You may want to obtain information about family law before consulting a family lawyer. We have provided on this website a number of Family Law Information Guides that will provide a good introduction to family law in Australia. The guides have been reviewed by one of our experienced family lawyers. To read our Family Law Information Guides, please go to our Services page and click on the relevant link that you seek information about.

A good understanding of family law practice and principles can be obtained by reading the Family Law Information Guides available on this website. In addition a list of recommended links is provided on the Links page.

Reading the guides first and then having regard to the websites on the Links page will provide a good overview family law practice and procedure in Western Australia.

You may find more  information on family and separation on the Family Court of Australia and Family Court of WA websites. There is also a range of useful information that can be found about divorce, separation and child support on the Australian Government website. You can also visit Our YouTube Channel.

We practice in all areas of family law.


Consent Orders


Child Support



Restraining Orders


If you have any family law legal problem

We can help you

What Our Clients Say


Dirk Klicker at Beacon Family Law provided a comprehensive and compassionate service executing consent orders for me. He was considerate of my circumstances, communicating on my behalf with the other party when I felt I could not, and gave sound legal advice. I would recommend Beacon Family Law to anyone who does not know where to start, or needs completion of family law matters. Thank you to all the team for your professionalism and kindness too.

J Atkinson

In my dealings with Beacon Family Law, I found them to exercise personal and professional care in my Family Law matter…I had not previously had any dealings with solicitors in my life, but I can say that the interest and genuine concern shown was a tribute to Dirk and Melissa. I was made to feel that I was a valued and important client and as a result I have recommended the company to friends and colleagues.

Jayne Finch
Dirk and the team at Beacon Family Law went above and beyond in their advice and support throughout my divorce. Always looking for the most cost effective way to provide exceptional professional service. I cannot thank them enough for all their effort in guiding me through such a difficult and stressful time.
Beacon Family Law

We pride ourselves on receiving positive testimonials from our clients. To see more testimonials press scroll or go to our testimonials page. Still not sure we are the right family law firm for you, then telephone us for a brief free introductory telephone consultation.



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