Our Values and Mission

Our mission is to be accountable, affordable and approachable.

For many of our clients obtaining advice and assistance from a family lawyer has been their only substantial involvement with lawyers and the legal system. We are often the only lawyers that a client has had any significant dealings. It is with that in mind that we formulated our mission. These values are at the core of the legal service that we provide to clients. These key values were specifically selected because clients generally express that those are the most important values to them when engaging a professional service provider.

To be accountable to our clients.

Clients have to be able trust that their family lawyer is going to look after their interests.  So clients want us to be answerable to them and to explain and account for our actions and advice. This is very important to us.

To be efficient and provide affordable services.

We believe that getting expert legal advice or representation about separation should not cost the earth. A separation itself by its very nature involves a reduction of income and assets because the parties resources are no longer pooled together for collective use. If you then add to that expensive or excessive legal fees the financial burden is simply made worse. We are extremely costs conscious as our aim is to provide value for money.

To be friendly and approachable to our clients at all times.

Going through a separation is difficult enough. We want clients to know that we are on their side and will support them. Being friendly and approachable is part of that equation. We are a small firm and take pride in providing the personal service that a small firm is able to provide. All of our staff our actively encouraged to know all clients. If your lawyer is in court or unavailable for some other reason then you should be able to speak with somebody else that you know.

To be knowledgeable and provide professional representation.

This is important to maintain our reputation and authority in our dealings with clients, other family law practitioners, judicial officers, court staff and third party service providers. Clients want to know that their family lawyer is an expert in the field and will represent them professionally at all times.

To act without delay or indecision.

Because separating can be physically, emotionally and financially draining, the ultimate aim is to reach a swift and amicable resolution of any issues so that clients can put their separation behind them and move on with their lives. That is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve if there is delay and indecision.