Appearing in Court

Attending court can be a daunting experience.

When you attend court, the Judge may take note of your conduct in the courtroom.

Below are some tips on how you should conduct yourself when you attend court.

We recommend that you arrive at the court at least 15-30 minutes before you are scheduled to meet your lawyer. This will ensure that you are not rushed, which will only increase your stress levels in what is already a very stressful situation.

Make sure your mobile telephone is turned off or on silent.

You should not be wearing a hat or sunglasses.

You should as a general rule not bring your children to court. If you have no alternative, then the Family Court of Western Australia has a child minding service.

The court is a formal setting and you should wear suitable attire.

Men should at minimum wear a shirt and pants. Women should wear a suite, dress or blouse and skirt or pants.

You must wear clothing that is above all comfortable. You do not want to appear shifty or nervous.

Shoes should be conservative. No spike heels, sandals or open shoes.

Do not wear outlandish or colourful clothing. Do not overdo jewellery.

When at court it is important to be courteous and respectful to court staff and other members of the public.

If the Judge is sitting in court when you are entering or leaving the court, then you must pause in the doorway and bow towards the Court.

When the Judge enters or leaves the court, everybody will stand and bow to the Judge.

It is important that you observe these court customs.

If you are not sure about what to wear or how to behave then you should consult with an experienced family lawyer beforehand.