In this Blog I discuss the Family Courts YouTube Channels.

The Federal Circuit of Australia and the Family Court of Australia have YouTube Channels.

There is a lot of information about family law in Australia on the Internet these days.

Many people search the Internet to obtain information about family law.  Even if they have a family lawyer simply for piece of mind.  Or so that they can represent themselves in family court proceedings.

More and more people are representing themselves in the family courts these days.

The websites of the Family Court of Western Australia, Federal Circuit of Australia and Family Court of Australia provide reliable how-to information about family law.

We previously published a video blog about how the Family Court of Western Australia provides a reliable and useful website for obtaining information about family law.

Since that video blog, the Family Court of Western Australia website has been updated.  However the information is still there.  But it is now located in different parts of the website.

Beacon Family Law has had a YouTube Channel for some time.  We have published a number of videos on that Channel to provide how-to and information videos about family law.

The Federal Circuit Court Australia and the Family Court of Australia both have their own YouTube Channels.

There are a number of videos on those channels that provide useful information about family law and family law services.

The Family Court of Western Australia does not yet have it’s own YouTube Channel.  Having said that, the Family Court of Western Australia used to publish an Information Session Video directly on it’s website.  Parties involved in proceedings in that court were required to watch the video.  That video has now been removed.

Unfortunately the courts have not posted recent videos on their YouTube Channels.  They do not seem to be proactively publishing more videos on their channels for the time being.

The proposed merger of the Federal Circuit of Australia and the Family Court of Australia by the federal government has probably impacted the funding or the desire to publish more videos at the present time.  Hopefully the new court that is produced after the merge will continue to publish videos online.

I think that the family courts will publish more YouTube videos about family law online in the future as there are a range of benefits.

The videos provide free access to step-by-step tutorials.  This allows parties to obtain information about routine matters without having to contact the family courts or a family lawyer.

I predict that the Family Court of Western Australia will likewise publish YouTube Videos in the future.

Providing these videos is likely to reduce the number of general queries made to the family courts.  This frees up resources to deal with the actual work of the courts.

A few samples of the videos that are provided on YouTube are shown below.

Below is a video by the Federal Circuit Court of Australia about e-Filing and the Commonwealth Courts Portal.  This is a good video to watch.  As all of the family courts now use the Commonwealth Courts Poral.  You can upload documents and access information about your file via the portal.  You can now file a divorce application online.

Below are 2 videos about why children may be going to see a family consultant in the family courts.  The videos are made for the children to view prior to meeting with a family consultant.  The videos are designed for children of different age groups, 5-8 year olds and 9-12 year olds.

If you have not been to court before then the video below provides a tour of the court.

The video below shows the re-enactment of a mediation between parents discussing parenting arrangements, which is a great video to show you what mediation is all about.

If you are the self-represented in family law or even if you are represented by a lawyer, I recommend viewing these videos as they provide a very reliable and useful source of information about family law.

The videos of course do not provide a substitute in my opinion for obtaining independent legal advice from an experienced family lawyer about your specific circumstances but certainly provide useful additional information.